Mine Action

Guidance and Tools

Definitions and Standards

1. Risk definition

The GPC and AoRs have developed standard definitions for 15 risks, including one for the risk related to the presence of mines and other explosive ordnance. 

2. Standardizing Beneficiary Definitions

This documents lays out standard definitions and guidelines for measuring, recording and reporting beneficiary numbers for risk education, land release, victim assistance and explosive ordnance disposal spot task. Disclaimer: The translations of the Standardizing Beneficiary Definitions in Humanitarian Mine Action, Second Edition were not approved by the NMAAs. Please refer to IMAS 5.10 for the official definitions.

3. Mine Action Standards

Funding for Mine Action

1. Funding for Mine Action in HRPs

2. Funding for Coordinated Mine Action

This webinar explains how mine action organizations can access funding from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). For more information on CERF and country based pooled funds, please visit: 

3. UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action

4. OCHA Pooled Funds

General Guidance

Coordinator’s corner

Needs Assessment and Analysis

Victim Assistance

Risk Education


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