Mine Action and Housing, Land, and Property

There are many linkages between mine action and Housing, Land, and Property.  Removing explosive ordnance changes land values and can impact land rights and land use.

As part of their due diligence, mine action organizations should:

1. Understand the operational context in which they operate – who has what rights to the land; how is land used by different groups.

2. Assess the potential positive and negative impact of land release on that context, including for the powerful and the poor, men and women.

3. Taking practical steps to ensure that mine action contributes to positive outcomes and increase protection of the most vulnerable.

The GPC also has an HLP Area of Responsibility: Housing, Land and Property | Global Protection Cluster

You will find a number of resources, guidance, FAQs, webinar recording to increase understanding and coordination of mine action and HLP by clicking on the titles below.

Last Updated: 7 March 2024

Resources, Guidance, FAQs, Webinar recording