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The Mine Action AoR hosts events, workshops and meetings to facilitate discussion, innovation, and coordination with partners. Below is a a gallery of our most recent events...





Service Mapping and Referrals Workshop (11 October 2022)

UNMAS Geneva conveyed and opened a workshop on Service Mapping and Referrals (SMR). Some 35 participants, including 11 country coordinators, four NGOs, three UN entities, and one academic institution participated. Representatives of UNDP, UNHCR and UNMAS shared experience and best practices from operations in Lebanon, Mali, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. A number of key discussions arose such as: definitional harmonisation, training, the scope of SMR, mine action and victim assistance responsibilities.







Urban warfare, Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas and Displacement (27 May 2022)

The event moderated by UNHCR raised awareness of the impact of urban warfare, particularly the effects of explosive weapons in populated areas (EWIPA), on civilians and the impacts during the different phases of the displacement cycle through the story of a lawyer displaced with his family in Iraq and affected by the use of explosive ordnance in Mosul. The event also featured an intervention of UNMAS on the complexity of demining in urban areas and presentations from UNIDIR and ICRC on tools to understand the reverberating effects from the use of EWIPA, and actions that parties to conflict can take to prevent civilian harm during military operations.







Securing access for coordinated protection in South Kordofan

The MA AoR moderated the event on “Securing access for coordinated protection in South Kordofan” at the GPC Forum, organized by UNMAS Sudan together with the Human Security Unit and IOM. With over 200 participants, the event illustrated how mine action can provide a gateway for other protection services.