Preparedness and contingency planning

Clusters should develop a preparedness and contingency plan to anticipate foreseeable deteriorations of the situation whether due to epidemics, conflict/violent outbreaks, disasters, and prepare for the resulting emerging Protection risks, and related needs and response. Such planning aims at enhancing the Cluster and Protection partners’ ability to adapt faster at operational level, ensuring Clusters are ready for Flash Appeals. Preparedness and contingency planning and resources can – and should – to the extent possible be integrated in the HRP. It would typically include actions to building capacity and taking preparedness measures with local communicates, actors and authorities, identifying key actors with the capacity to (re)deploy to newly affected areas, and where possible identify partnerships between international and local actors. In addition, the Cluster contributes to any inter-agency exercise on preparedness and contingency planning to ensures that protection outcomes are mainstreamed across those exercises, and that other Clusters integrate protection risks and needs in their own preparedness and contingency planning.

Minimum requirements

Integrate prevention and preparedness in the HRP

Develop specific preparedness/contingency plans (armed violence, disaster, health emergency)

Building local capacity and preparedness

Ensuring the centrality of protection in preparedness and contingency planning