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Operations Cell

The Operations Cell is the main body for supporting national protection clusters in fulfilling their functions. The Operations Cell is headquartered at UNHCR, the Cluster Lead Agency and is led and managed by the Global Protection Cluster Coordinator. The multi-partner Operations Cell benefits from a team composed of UNHCR staff, partners staff formally deployed to UNHCR, and partners staff dedicated from their organisations on full time basis as part of the day-to-day Operations Cell work. 

The Operations Cell supports the national protection clusters in the following ways:

  1. Operations support through helpdesk
  2. Guidance and support missions
  3. Advocacy and resource mobilization support
  4. Trainings and capacity building in-country
  5. Information and analysis support to protection actors

The Operations Cell organizes day-to-day standard meetings to coordinate its work. Key annual events such as the Global Protection Forum in several phases, Mid-Year Review Thermometer Event in June, and the End of Year GPC Event in December are organized with the support of the SAG, Task Teams and Working Groups.

The Operations Cell produces a number of standard reports on annual basis with the support of the SAG, Task Teams and Working Groups. These include the quarterly Global Protection Updates, the Mid-Year Review Thermometer Report published in June and the GPC Annual Report in February.



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