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Learning and Capacity Building

The GPC is committed to continually improving protection capacity. To this end, the GPC has developed a specialized programme on protection coordination dedicated to field protection cluster coordinators, as well as trainings and learning programmes on a range of protection issues. If you are interested in any of the trainings or learning programmes presented below, contact the GPC Head of Learning and Capacity Building Pillar.

  • The Specialized Programme on Protection Coordination (SPPC) is an initiative led by the GPC and its AoRs, in partnership with the International Institute of Humanitarian Law. This is an inter-agency blended learning programme for coordinators, co-coordinators and colleagues engaged in protection coordination (including CP, GBV, HLP and MA) in field operations, at national and sub-national levels. It is specifically designed and developed to strengthen the skills needed for effective protection coordination to ensure a harmonised and collaborative protection response. The SPPC is a three-month blended learning programme comprised of a self-study phase, an on-line workshop, and a project.  The SPPC is routinely offered in English and in French.
  • The GPC has also developed dedicated trainings and learning programmes on a range of protection issues for field cluster coordinators and partners. Please reach out to the helpdesk for support. 

You will find a full range of tools, resources and other helpful documents relating to Learning and Capacity Building at the following links. The materials are available in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Arabic

Learning and Capacity Building Team

Nancy Polutan-Teulieres

Acting Lead of Learning and Capacity Building Pillar
Global Protection Cluster