Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)

The Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) constitutes the first phase and product of the intersectoral strategic planning process. It brings together analysis of humanitarian needs from all sectors, including Protection, to inform the collective and specific Protection humanitarian response that is then defined in the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). Protection Clusters, jointly with the AoRs, contribute to the intersectoral analysis and ensure that Protection dynamics, risks and needs of affected populations inform the intersectoral analysis and other cluster’s needs analyses (Centrality of Protection). In addition to the intersectoral dimension, Protection Clusters draft a short Cluster needs analysis specific to Protection in the HNO – with specific sections for each AoR, building on the Cluster’s regular collective analysis, and highlighting the main protection risks and dynamics, the resulting protection needs and the most affected areas and populations. This protection needs analysis is accompanied by a Cluster severity mapping highlighting areas most severely affected by the crisis, and the number of People in Need (PiN). The Protection Cluster PiN is an overarching number which encompasses the PiN calculated separately by each AoR, and the overall protection needs. These will then help inform response strategic objectives and priorities in the HRP.

Minimum requirements

Identify and collect data for JIAF & sectoral HNO strategic needs indicators

Define severity mapping & PiN

  • Organize regional and national workshops for collective risks and needs analysis
  • Ensure Protection informs the intersectoral and other clusters’ analysis

Draft HNO narrative jointly with AoRs and SAG