Questions and Answers for Housing, Land, and Property Documentation Safeguarding Strategy

Section 1: Scope and Purpose of Documentation

Q1: Why is personal HLP information being documented and stored?

By preserving these documents, we are creating an archive of documentation that may be used for potential future restitutions and compensations if/when a transitional justice system is set up to address abuses and violations resulting from the conflict. Preserving these documents is important to prevent the loss or damage that could affect future claims. These documents are safeguarded to protect them, not to initiate legal action or make any decisions on ownership or long-term occupancy at this point.

Q2: What is transitional justice?

Transitional justice includes processes and mechanisms to restore victims' rights associated with large- scale past conflict, repression, violations, and abuses. It can include actions toward accountability, justice, truth, and reparation. It aims to recognize victims as rights holders, build trust within society and reinforce the rule of law, contributing to reconciliation and the prevention of new violations. Transitional justice processes have repeatedly demonstrated they can help address grievances and divisions. To this end, such processes must be context-specific, nationally owned, and focused on the needs of victims. These processes are inclusive, ensuring meaningful participation and consultation with victims and affected communities.