Mine Action Localization

The MA AoR is dedicated to supporting global commitments on localization throughout its work streams. This includes increasing local government and civil society leadership and participation in mine action coordination mechanisms, improving coordination and information management processes and making funding accessible to local partners at national and sub-national levels. Through localization the MA AoR seeks to include national actors as full and equal partners and capitalize on their comparative advantages. Developing local capacity will support prevention strategies, improve the quality, rapidity and scale of the response, reinforce the resilience of national systems and strengthen the means to realize accountability to affected people.

Localization Plenary Video

Session on Localization at the 24th International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United Nations Advisers (NDM-UN), chaired by Maître Sudi Kimputu, National Coordinator, Centre Congolais de Lutte Antimines. The session explored recent and promising practices on localizing mine action.



Framework, Guidnace, and Case Sstudy

  • Framework

    The Global Education Cluster (GEC) and Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) have developed a framework on how national level coordination groups can support the development of the institutional capacity of national and local actors. The framework aims to improve the operation capacities of local and national so that they can be more efficient and more effective when responding to humanitarian crises.


    Read the framework here.

  • Guidnace

    The Global Education Cluster and Translators without Border have developed a quick guide to help local and national organizations understand humanitarian coordination and engage with the cluster system effectively. It is available in several languages.
    Read the Guide in English, French, Spanish and Arabic versions

  • Case Study: CCBL

    “No matter how small or big the budget or scope of a project is, it must always start and end with proper community liaison.”

    Read about CCBL here.