Report: Roundtable Discussion on Ensuring Age, Gender, Disability and Diversity in Preventive and Responsive Actions


The inclusion roundtable discussion at the Global Protection Forum addressed this year’s chosen theme of, 'In the Hour of Need: Advancing Prevention and Proactive Protection.' The session focused on promoting an Age, Gender, Disability, and Diversity (AGD) approach in humanitarian contexts to ensure inclusive and effective protection services as a crucial cross-cutting theme.

The discussion featured panelists sharing experiences, challenges, and best practices from their respective organizations and geographic contexts. The 90-minute roundtable, attended by 469 participants, featured opening remarks from the Protection Sector in Syria, speakers from Humanity & Inclusion, UN Women’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, CARE Afghanistan, LIDOSOM Somalia, HelpAge, the Inclusive Friend Association in Nigeria and closing remarks from the Inclusion Ambassador Program in Syria.

This report outlines the key insights, feedback, and recommendations from the session.