Core function 4

To monitor and evaluate the response

The fourth core function of field clusters is To Monitor and Evaluate the Response. It is defined by the IASC as monitoring and reporting on activities, measuring progress against the Cluster Strategy and agreed results, and recommending corrective action when necessary.

Clusters monitor and evaluate the progress of the response against their strategic priorities and objectives, and funding levels for protection activities, to identify achievements, best practices and gaps. Together with collective protection analysis, monitoring the response is essential to continuously adapt to the evolving context and adequately address Protection needs. The Cluster should also strive to monitor the quality of protection programs and services to ensure abidance to common standards and guidelines, and to define priorities for capacity building of both Protection and non-Protection actors. Cluster response monitoring and evaluation is then complemented by a yearly monitoring and evaluating of the performance of the Cluster itself – the Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM), undertaken in consultations with Protection partners to identify priorities for strengthening cluster coordination.


  1. Response monitoring and service quality monitoring
  2. Training and capacity-building for partners and stakeholders
  3. Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM)