Protection briefings to ICCG/HCT/donors/other key stakeholders

Clusters jointly with AoRs should pro-actively and strategically brief key stakeholders, including the HCT/ICCG on a quarterly basis based on the results of the collective analysis, the PAUs, and jointly defined key protection messages. They should then ensure that targeted recommendations are shared, with regular follow-up to track the implementation of these recommendations by other sectors and humanitarian senior leadership. Clusters should also engage with donors on a quarterly basis with the AoRs and SAG. Clusters also support and coordinate fundraising initiatives for the protection response in line with strategic priorities, and engages in regular and predictable collective engagement with donors at field and global levels to influence resources mobilization, political and diplomatic efforts. Clusters should also regularly brief the CLA Representative and Senior Management Group (SMG) of the CLA on the Protection risks, needs and priorities to ensure that the CLA is fully up-to-date as Provider of Last Resort, and that the Cluster’s collective Protection analyses informs the CLA’s strategic planning – and vice-versa.

Minimum requirements

Brief the ICCG/HCT at least quarterly

Brief the donors at least quarterly

Brief the UNHCR Rep/SMG at least quarterly

Contribute to UN Peace operation mandate reviews/Group of Experts