While localization is a key pillar of Cluster transition processes to transfer, whenever possible and appropriate, the leadership of the response to local authorities, civil society and communities, local actors are and must be a key part of the emergency response from the onset, ensuring that the response is as international as necessary, as local as possible. This requires to build on existing coordination structures and capacity to the extent possible – typically more the case in disaster contexts. Clusters should promote partnerships between international and national/local actors to leverage their capacities to better ensure affected populations can safely and meaningfully access immediate life-saving services and programs. In addition, Community-driven Protection programming should be a cornerstone of the Protection response, strengthening local and community capacity and preparedness, engaging civil society organization and local authorities and communities to better work together and reduce protection risks. Local actors should be included in all aspects of Cluster work, notably the strategic planning process and humanitarian funding mechanisms. Local actors should be given opportunities to also play leading roles in the coordination of the cluster and the response, at national and sub-national level through co-coordination position, ensuring NNGO are part of the SAG, or participate in TWG.

Minimum requirements

Build on existing national/local coordination structures and strategies whenever possible and appropriate

Ensure Cluster SAG and strategic review panels (HRP, Pooled Funds) include NNGOs

Promote local authorities and NNGO leadership or co-coordination of the cluster and AoRs at national or subnational level when and where appropriate

25% of Protection & AoR funding dedicated to NNGOs through direct funding, with Pooled Funds prioritized for NNGOs whenever possible

Promote partnerships between international and local actors, including trough HRP and Pooled Fund projects, and in engagement with donors