Funding mechanisms

Cluster should coordinate engagement with donors to ensure strategic priorities are funded in line with the Cluster Strategy, the HRP and the HCT Protection Strategy. This means regularly meeting with key donors to update them on the Protection context and risks, and highlight gaps in response. Clusters should identify with donors key moments for engagement on funding priorities – in particular before donors finalize their annual funding strategies and ahead of the HRP. Donors engagement should be coordinated with the AoRs, and to the extent possible, conducted jointly. Clusters should also explore opportunities to expand the pool of donors, particularly reaching out to development, peace, human rights and disaster-focused donors and funding streams. In addition, Clusters should engage in humanitarian funding mechanisms, specifically the Country-Based Pool Funds (CBPF) and the Central Emergency Response Funds (CERF) by defining strategic priorities and budget requirements for critical response gaps.

Minimum requirements

Engage donors for coordinated funding of strategic priorities

Clarify key moments to engage specific donors on funding priorities

Contribute to CBPF allocations

Contribute to the CERF