Protection strategies/strategic planning

Protection Clusters are expected to engage in multiple key strategic planning processes. The most common are the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), the Protection Cluster operational strategy, and the HCT Protection Strategy.

The Protection Cluster operational strategy allows field operations to define strategic priorities in greater details and with more freedom than the HRP. Clusters should first adopt a Cluster operational strategy to inform the Cluster contributions to the HRP, Flash Appeals, Pooled Funds and CERF – although operations may start with their HRP and then develop it further into a Cluster operational strategy.

Clusters should also promote the adoption of an HCT Protection Strategy. This strategy should both define collective HCT actions to address the most critical protection risks, and provide strategic instructions to the Intercluster coordination group (ICCG) on priority collective protection outcomes to be achieved through intersectoral programming and service delivery. These protection outcomes should also be incorporated in the HRP beyond actions taken by the Protection Cluster operational partners.