Information needs

As a foundation for protection analysis, the Cluster and AoR coordinators – together with key partners – should collectively identify and formally map information and data needs regarding Protection risks, related violations and resulting protection needs. An assessment of the information landscape, guided by the PAF questions, is fundamental to identify what information is needed and available, and help target and rationalize data collection priorities and mechanisms. It may help determine key indicators that the Protection Cluster should track and identify which actors may have or will collect the information needed for a stronger analysis. Information sharing protocols can then be created to identify the necessary information to be collected and shared by partners. When gaps in information needs are identified and cannot be addressed by primary or secondary data available to the Protection Cluster, coordination with inter-sector and other clusters can support mainstreaming into existing assessments and/or dedicated data sharing processes.

Minimum requirements

Conduct information landscape analysis to define information needs, including for strategic indicators for the HNO/HRP

Set up appropriate mechanisms to collect/gather data on key indicators, including multisector needs analysis (MSNA)

Establish information sharing protocols