Libya Protection Analysis Update


This report has the objective to present an analysis of the protection situation in Libya for the period January-April 2022. The analysis has been carried out by the Protection Sector with the purpose of identifying the most severe protection risks affecting civilian population in Libya.

The protracted instability, uncertainty and conflict in Libya have a remarkable impact on the overall social, cultural and economic fabric. Conflict and tensions, in combination with a complex legal, cultural and institutional environment for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and also IDPs and returnees, are largely affecting both populations, Libyans and non-Libyans.

Access constraints, in the form of procedural, legal and political impediments, are severely curtailing a relevant and up to scale humanitarian response, the implementation of durable solutions, as well as any structured plan of recovery and reconciliation.

The most severe protection risks identified in the period covered by this report are:

  1. Denial of resources, opportunities and services;
  2. Unlawful impediments and/or restrictions to freedom of movement;
  3. Inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment in detention centers;
  4. Evictions and/or destruction of personal property;
  5. Trafficking in persons.