Somalia Protection Analysis Update, Kismaayo District


The displacement crisis in Somalia is complex and multifaceted, driven by conflict and climatic shocks. This displacement is often characterized with protection risks faced by the displaced populations. With particular focus on Kismaayo district, the main drivers of displacement include conflict and drought as per the Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN) in Somalia as of October, before the occurrence of El NiƱo flooding. The most prevalent protection risks currently being faced by the populations in Kismaayo district are:

  • Discrimination and stigmatization, denial of resources, opportunities, services and/or humanitarian access.
  • Forced recruitment and association of children in armed forces and groups.
  • Gender based violence.
  • Child and forced family separation.

The Protection Analysis Update for Kismaayo is the first of a series of analysis that the Protection Cluster will be publishing during 2024 focusing on priority districts. Kismaayo was selected as the first of these series as the ATMIS drawdown is already in process and humanitarian actors are assessing the impact associated to the drawdown, on the protection response and humanitarian needs of the displaced population. In addition, the Jubaland State government has historically showed both, interest, and commitment on facilitating the work of protection humanitarian actors in ensuring protection of civilians and displaced communities. The new potential scenarios to happen in Kismaayo linked to the ATMIS drawdown, justified this joint protection analysis, conducted by the Protection Cluster and its partners to define the protection response strategy and priorities in the district for the coming period.