NWSW Cameroon Protection Cluster Report #1 Forced displacement following attack on Egbekaw village (Mamfe Central Subdivision/Manyu Division/Southwest Region)

On Monday 06 November around 03:30 AM, suspected Non-State Armed Group members attacked members of the “Boki” community living in Egbekaw village. Over 15 houses were burnt during the atttack, leaving around 20 people injured and at least 50 deaths. 

Highlights from this Protection Cluster report:

• More than 380 people have reportedly been displaced, most of whom are women and children.
• The population is traumatized and frightened and is fleeing to neighboring villages including Small Mamfe (Mile 1 and Lala neighborhoods), Besongabang (Banya neighborhoods).
• Many of the victims whose houses were burnt down find themselves on the streets. Some are hosted by Church communities including the Diocese of Mamfe and Presbyterian church.
• Host community members who are non “Boki” were also affected by this attack.
• Hospitals continue to receive victims, and the death toll is still developing.
• Some Protection Cluster partners including IRC and UNHCR’s partner Intersos have teams on the ground. Intersos shared a Flash Alert on 06/11/2023 and IRC is currently working on a situation report.
• Regarding pre-positioned capacity, although DRC is not carrying out any activities in Manyu division, they have pre-positioned Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) and Non-Food Items (NFI) kits in Buea. DRC will submit a request to their donor to distribute these items to affected households of Egbekaw. UNFPA’s partner LUKMEF also has pre-positioned dignity kits in Buea, available for post needs assessment distribution. UNHCR can provide Cash-for-Protection.
• Protection Cluster partners are preparing to carry out a joint rapid protection needs assessment in the following days, in order to plan a rapid response.