Support Us

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) values the partnership with Member States and donors, who through their continuous engagement and constructive contributions, help strengthen a shared protection narrative and support the collective capacity to stay and deliver in protection crises. Predictable and sustained commitments and contributions to the GPC also benefit the humanitarian community as a whole, ensuring that protection is central to humanitarian action.

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) is grateful for the generous support of its donors.

To engage with and support the work of the Global Protection Cluster, AoRs, Task Teams and 32 national Protection Clusters, refer to our support guide  - which includes a menu of prioritized activities and modalities for Member States and donors to:  

  • Support field cluster coordination and operational footprint 

  • Support advocacy for protection 

  • Engage in globally led protection events 

  • Support the GPC Operations Cell, AoRs and Task Teams 


Donors and Member States Support Guide