Field Coordination Package

Welcome to the Field Coordination Package! This package brings together minimum requirements and key deliverables, guidance, tools, templates and best practices to support field Protection Cluster (co-)coordinators and the coordination team in fulfilling the core functions of the Cluster, and ultimately ensure effective coordination and delivery of essential Protection services in humanitarian emergencies. 

The Field Coordination Package is organized around the GPC operational footprint: for each core Cluster function, the GPC identified key deliverables that should be in place in all operations and developed minimum requirements to implement these key deliverables. Guidance/tools/templates/best practices will help Cluster coordination team ensure that these key deliverables are in place in their Cluster, following the minimum requirements. The roadmap indicates different levels of priority for minimum requirements – some are non-negotiable and must be in place. The yearly Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) will help Clusters identify key areas of improvement in Cluster coordination, and minimum requirements/key deliverables that needs to be prioritized for the year ahead.