GPC Annual Report 2022


2022 was marked by protection risks, which increased both in magnitude and complexity. Ukraine was invaded and engulfed in war, the Horn of Africa ravaged by drought, Ethiopia witnessed resurgent hostilities, rights in Afghanistan remained at threat, not to mention the many other visible and invisible crises around the world. In each, vulnerable and marginalized people faced relentless protection risks. 

Mid-way through our strategic cycle, we recognise the achievements made by all of our partners in contributing to advancing protection around the world, as well as reflecting on the ever-present need to be agile and adaptive to the increasingly complex protection landscape. 

We reaffirm our commitment to harness the expertise of all Protection Clusters and their members, galvanize our key stakeholders, and move forward in advancing protection outcomes for crisis-affected communities.  

The 2022 Global Protection Cluster Annual Report is designed to: 

(i) Take stock of the results achieved against our 2020-2024 Strategic Framework, 

(ii) Show how the many contributions from a range of protection actors and allies come together for shared impact around our collective priorities, 

(iii) Identify the gaps and how to best focus our shared efforts going forward. 

Here are examples of actions we took in 2022 to support these efforts: 

  • Focusing on supporting protection coordination and response on the frontlines. 

  • Tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience of our network. 

  • Bringing protection priorities to the forefront of the narrative through a range of public and private advocacy efforts. 

  • Focusing on securing and expanding meaningful access to affected communities, advocating for protection’s place at the core of access negotiations.