PC SSD Monthly Update - September 2022


Protection response to the impact of Tonga conflict: The conflict that erupted on 15 August continued to escalate in September affecting Upper Nile and northern Jonglei. The humanitarian situation of IDPs is dire. Civilians fleeing are visibly traumatized and report killings, war injuries, abductions, extortion, looting and heavy damage of public and private infrastructures and loosing of their homes. The number of unaccompanied and separated children have increased by the day and so have reports of GBV. Others, including people limited mobility were left behind or hiding.  Since the beginning of the Tonga crisis, newly displaced and other conflict-affected people were supported with 35,000 protection services and protection assistance by PC members in Upper Nile, including through its mobile protection response reaching some of the hard-to-reach areas and people left behind.