Legal Aid Analysis Framework

The Legal Aid Analysis Framework is a tool designed to assist Protection Clusters and AoRs (co-)coordinators, international as well as national and international development, human rights, peace and humanitarian organizations in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the legal aid landscape in a given humanitarian setting. The Legal aid analysis framework is:

  •  A practical matrix that will help identify and organize available quantitative and qualitative data on legal environment, justice system, legal aid needs, existing capacities and responses in a country or territory affected by a crisis;
  • A human rights-based tool that facilitate joint analysis of the legal aid landscape to achieve more solid, evidenced-based analytical conclusions that can be used to foster collective and coordinated response, in dialogue with national counterparts;
  • A simple framework that may help identify the linkages between legal aid and justice sector and other sectors. If used over time, the tool could serve to monitor changes in experience and behavior of individuals and communities against a backdrop of legal services provided prior, during, after a crisis.