How to consider Protection aspects when designing a MEB

How to consider protection aspects when designing a MEB?

Protection-related expenditures will significantly differ by context and by cases and will ultimately need to be analysed locally. They can be very hard to define because protection includes ensuring adequate access to protection assistance (which is a very broad set of activities and services) and individually based assistance.

When working on factoring protection considerations in MEB design, it is therefore important to look at:

- Key protection risks (as identified through a context-specific protection/risk assessment) and associated economic root causes (e.g. risk of child labour is caused by economic poverty, amongst other drivers/ causes) that require regular assistance in order to be addressed.

- Key protection costs/expenditures (such as access to services) that might be punctual (e.g. surgery or birth certificate) or recurrent (e.g.counselling).


In addition to these two sections, this paper also provide top tips and additional considerations for protection in MEB construction.