South Kordofan State Protection Analysis Update


Over 2022, the State of South Kordofan (and parts of West Kordofan) is experiencing multi-causal shocks, including increased criminality, economic degradation, flooding, political instability, generalised violence, displacement and protracted armed conflict. The ending of the unilateral ceasefire between SPLM-N Al Hilu and the Government of Sudan on 31 December 2021 and the continued impacts of the 25 October 2021 military coup are factors which have contributed to increased risks to civilians across the State, including for IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities. The State hosts over 250,000 IDPs and another 129,960 IDP Returnees, while an unknown number of IDPs and returnees reside in SPLM-N-controlled areas.

Unfortunately, humanitarian partners, protection in particular did not have regular access to most of the affected localities. Therefore, protection partners participated in the interagency needs assessment missions, conducted protection monitoring by presence and remotely, discussed identified protection concerns at the PWG and other sectoral meetings, assisted the most vulnerable individuals through ongoing projects, referrals, advocacy and follow up with the local authorities. Protection Sector also advocated for creation of a state level Protection of Civilians Committee. However, this recommendation is not yet considered by the national and state level authorities.

This Protection Analysis Update explores the protection environment from June 2022.

Priority protection risks identified include:

  1. Attacks on Civilians
  2. Conflict and Forced Displacement
  3. Impediments and restrictions to access resources, opportunities, services, documentation and justice
  4. Explosive remnants of war
  5. Gender-Based Violence
  6. Child Protection.