C4P recommended MEAL indicators for Ukraine response - C4PTF

In August 2022, the Cash for Protection Task Force for the Ukraine regional response (click here for ToRs) held a series of small workshops to identify key indicators to measure the impact of CVA on Protection outcomes. The overall objective is to increase the use by cash for/and protection implementers of harmonised indicators, to increase evidence building within the response.  The purpose of this note is to provide a set of recommended indicators for humanitarian actors working on the Ukraine regional response in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova,  when using CVA combined with Protection activities. It aims to:

  1. Contextualize global guidance and agree on a common set of indicators to streamline reporting and provide more consistent and comparable field-level monitoring.
  2. Provide a monitoring checklist to support teams in identifying the main areas they should be monitoring when MPC is used (to meet basic needs or protection outcomes, or both).

It is therefore important to increase the uptake of harmonized indicators in order to improve programming, better measure these potential outcomes and increase evidence generation at the regional level.