Protection Now for the People of Haiti: Statement on the Situation in Port-au-Prince

In July 2022, the Security Council noted “with deep concern the protracted and deteriorating political, economic, security, human rights, humanitarian and food security crises in Haiti” as part of Resolution 2645. Since then, the violence, deprivation and abuse being experienced by communities across the country has only worsened.

The deteriorating security crisis has led to major fuel and food shortages and unrest. The effects of continuous armed gang violence have resulted in the closure of already limited commercial activities and basic services, including health clinics and schools. In September only, at least 191 people were killed or injured due to violence during protests, most of them due to excessive force used by police to restore order. In addition, gangs have killed more than 196 persons, subjected dozens of women and girls to collective rape, and caused the forced displacement of over 22,000 people.

The Global Protection Cluster is deeply concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian and protection situation in Haiti, where access to basic services and the capacity of humanitarian organisations to intervene were seriously challenged even before this latest phase of violence and paralysis.

Read the full statement by the GPC calling for immediate action here.