GPC - Advocacy Scoping Study

Advocacy is a key component of protection in humanitarian response. The need for more robust and focused advocacy on protection issues is a key challenge identified by the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) and field protection clusters. The GPC intends to develop an advocacy strategy that defines its role in protection advocacy and sets out the activities that it will undertake at the global level and in support of field protection clusters to enhance collective advocacy.

This scoping study reviews current practice in protection advocacy by the GPC and field protection clusters as the first step towards developing this GPC Advocacy Strategy. It is based on consultations with GPC members, field protection clusters and other stakeholders, as well as an online survey. The study recommends that the GPC Advocacy Strategy should:

  1. Clarify the GPC’s added value/comparative advantage on protection advocacy.
  2. Define a theory of change for protection cluster advocacy.
  3. Strike a balance between external and internal advocacy.
  4. Adopt a strategic and results-oriented approach to protection advocacy.
  5. Increase support for field protection cluster advocacy.
  6. Focus on priority protection issues for advocacy.
  7. Strengthen and increase the utilisation of protection analysis for advocacy.
  8. Strengthen existing partnerships for protection advocacy.
  9. Develop guidance, tools and training to support field protection clusters.
  10. Ensure sufficient resources to strengthen GPC protection advocacy.