Temporary Ukraine Regional Response Cash for Protection Task Force - ToRs



In 2017, a Cash for Protection Task Team was created under the Global Protection Cluster with the overall goal of increasing knowledge about the use of CVA in the protection sector and increasing the effectiveness and quality of programs using CVA to achieve protection outcomes (general ToRs available here). As part of its 2022 workstream, and based on requests from members, the C4PTT will be working towards providing more operational support, notably through the setup of a help desk.

In light of the escalation of conflict in Ukraine and unprecedented migration flows of Ukrainian refugees in Europe, and in line with its objective of operationalizing support to responses, the Cash for Protection Task Team established a temporary Task force for the Ukraine Regional Response on the 28th of February 2022.


This temporary Ukraine Regional Response C4PTF is led by the C4PTT co-chairs, Save the Children and the Women’s Refugee Commission. Save the Children is the primary focal point of the two co-chairs.


The Task Force is open to any organization, agency, donor, cash working groups or cluster that would like to participate and that are currently planning or responding to the Ukraine crisis, either inside Ukraine or in hosting countries in the region, in the field of Cash for (or cash integrated to) Protection. It currently convenes over 50 participants across 20 organizations. Moreover, the Task Force coordinates with national and regional protection clusters and cash working groups (and associated sub-working groups) to avoid duplication and to support primary, in-country coordination mechanisms.


  • Coordinate with appropriate CVA and Protection national and regional coordination mechanisms
  • Map out CVA and Protection assessments plans and activities to strengthen coordination and collaboration
  • Provide technical guidance on the design of CVA & Protection assessments and activities and analysis of findings, including through the dissemination of tools and key resources
  • Offer a space for collaboration and discussion to address key CVA and Protection challenges that emerge in the region, ensuring sharing of best practices and lessons learnt.
  • Adapt global guidance and tools to regional context
  • Prompt collaboration of CVA and Protection actors through the conception of response plans to design, implementation and monitoring.
  • Identify and address capacity building needs
  • Offer members the following products and resources:

            - Bimonthly factsheet, regrouping key updates, data, coordination, resources and
              technical information updates from coordination forums (Protection clusters and
            - Live Web map, capturing CVA and Protection activities
            - Regional specific guidelines and resources on CVA for Protection


The meetings are held virtually on a bi-monthly basis (Fridays). Members can also coordinate through a Skype group.


July 2022