Cash for Protection Guidelines for Protection Partners - Yemen


Cash for Protection is considered one of the modalities that is used by protection actors. It is part of a comprehensive protection strategy that encompasses a range of services/interventions to address the diverse needs of affected individuals and communities, ultimately contributing to their safety, well-being, and protection.

Following elaborate consultations with partners, PC SAG, donors, MPCA actors in Yemen (CCY and UNHCR), the PC and AoRs issued the Cash for Protection Guidelines for Protection partners aimed at ensuring a common understanding among partners and harmonizing practices, including with MPCA actors in the country. The Cash for Protection guidance is designed to respond to the urgent protection needs of the affected population, ensuring that it is risk-informed. The guidance provides clarification on the implementation of cash for protection activities in Yemen, with the view of ensuring a common understanding and harmonizing practices. In particular, the guidance aims to:

  • provide a definition of cash for protection and specify its objectives;
  • provide an overview of its scope of application and modalities of implementation;
  • provide an overview of guiding principles;
  • explain the differences and complementarities between cash for protection and Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA)

To maximize the impact for the affected population, a referral mechanism has been instituted between the Cash for Protection and MPCA actors in the country. This mechanism will ensure that individuals and households receive comprehensive support, with Cash for Protection Guidance addressing their urgent protection needs and the MPCA program catering to their socio-economic needs. This collaborative approach will enable a more holistic and effective response to the multifaceted challenges faced by the vulnerable populations in Yemen.

The launch of this guidance is particularly timely, given commitments to the Centrality of Protection Strategy for Yemen and its action plan. This collaboration is an example of how strategic partnerships are prioritized to strengthen protection efforts in the country. The Cash for Protection Guidance will play a pivotal role in ensuring that limited resources are utilized efficiently and that the protection workforce is adequately supported to deliver critical services to those in need. The NPC in coordination and collaboration with MPCA will be providing regular updates on this initiative including on pilot locations where the roll out will take place in the first quarter of 2024.