Global Protection Conference Report 2023


The Global Protection Conference was held in Amman, Jordan from 8-12 May 2023 and was attended by 200 participants from across the Global Protection Cluster (GPC), including national and subnational country cluster coordinators, co-coordinators, information management officers (IMO) and support staff, as well as regional colleagues and external stakeholders. The first three days of the Conference were dedicated to facilitate knowledge and peer-to-peer exchange between operations and country coordination teams, across protection and its areas of responsibility (AORs), engaging and exchanging on a range of thematic and technical protection priorities, developments, and standards. Key issues included the matching operational realities with cluster operational capacities, minimum requirements, emerging trends and needs at country level and how colleagues from protection and AoRs can better work together while recognizing and leveraging our specialisation and diversity. The final two days of the Conference brought together keynote speakers, global partners, donors and external stakeholders with the cluster coordination teams, to discuss key directions and priorities such as, shaping the future of protection coordination, centrality of protection in humanitarian responses, optimizing the protection architecture and best practices across a range of thematic issues.