Cameroon Protection Update - NWSW

The Protection Cluster in Cameroon recently published its monthly protection update for North West South West region.

In February 2022, a total of 279 priority protection incidents were reported by protection monitors and like in previous months they mainly related to arbitrary or unlawful arrest/detention and torture or inhuman, cruel or degrading treatment. This month, around 72% of IDPs in NWSW divisions of Nkwen and Mankon (NW), Bomaka and Bueka (SW), have reported HLP rights violations including the lack of access to adequate housing and the risk of forced eviction due to
insecure land tenure.

The NWSW crisis requires dedicated funding for the HLP coordination and response. Currently very few partners have expertise and activities on HLP while urban IDPs have difficulty to access arable lands and need legal assistance to secure tenure and prevent forced eviction.