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The programme of the 2022 Global Protection Forum included the following elements:


1. The Technical Segment (28 March - 29 April): This year, the GPC opted for a modality of regional workshops in Istanbul, Dakar, Panama City and Nairobi, each over the course of five days. The regional forums were operationally oriented and provided opportunities for field coordination teams to engage and exchange on a range of protection priorities, technical development, and standards. Overall, 267 participants joined the four forums, including Global, National and Sub-national Coordinators, Co-coordinators, and Information Management Officers (IMO) from 34 operations and coordination hubs, AoRs Global Coordinators, colleagues from UNHCR regional bureaux and from regional Protection Working Groups, Global Coordinators of other Clusters, and donors. Read the Technical Forum Report.

2. The Mid-Year Event ‘Protection funding: Where do we stand mid-year 2022? A spotlight on operational access for protection’ (21 June): The GPC launched the Global Protection Cluster’s Mid-Year Protection Funding Review, a report which presents tangible findings into protection resources at mid-year point, featuring data on protection funding directly from the partners of National Protection Clusters and Area of Responsibilities in 32 operations. This allowed for a more detailed analysis on these countries aimed at reviewing the funding level of the protection sector in 2022 against the requirements put forward in the Global Humanitarian Overview 2021 and draw attention to underfunded operations or specialized protection areas.  Read the Protection Funding Review. 

3. The Thematic Segment (24 - 28 October): This series of webinars and events on current topics and emerging issues in collaboration with a range of protection allies and partners is dedicated to the broader constituency of the GPC. It presents an opportunity to showcase frontline work, review the new direction, hear from local voices, and engage with donors. The theme Access that Protects will be covered through a series of ten sessions organised by key partners, as well as an Opening Ceremony to launch the week. Read the Thematic Forum Report



*For more details on each of the sessions such as session concept notes, keynote speakers and more, click on the sessions in the calendar above.


4. The End-of-Year Event (13 December): This event will officially launch the GPC’s Agenda for Change on Access that Protects, highlighting the key messages on access that have been collaboratively developed throughout the year and the forum. Featuring a panel discussion with actors leading the way on access issues, including local negotiators and organisations at the forefront of access for protection, the discussion will include a reflection on the Agenda’s key messages and explore the routes for the way forward. For more details, visit the dedicated event's page. Read the Agenda for Change


In 2022: Special Focus on Access that Protects
Most protection cluster operations estimate that protection services can reach and be reached on average by 25 to 50% of those in need. The GPC is striving to support the humanitarian leadership to find better ways to move forward – to shift behaviours, policies and practices in ways that can advance access that protects. This year’s Global Protection Forum places a special focus on access for protection, bringing together leading partners to focus on contexts where protection work is being challenged at its foundation due to constraints to access, exacerbating certain protection risks and trends, as well as highlighting some of the ways we can collectively strengthen access for protection looking at leverage points across policy and practice dimensions.


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Associate Reporting Officer
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