Pakistan Protection Analysis Update


Unprecedented torrential rains in Pakistan starting in June 2022 triggered one of the worst floods in decades in the country. Meteorological organizations reported that nationwide rainfall during the 2022 monsoon season is 2.87 times higher than the national 30-year average.

It is estimated that over 33 million people, around 15% of the total population, have been affected by floods, causing human and livestock casualties. Authorities report that more than 1,600 people have died and 12,865 have been injured since mid-June 2022, including 579 children killed and over 4,000 children injured.

There has been widespread destruction of homes, with more than 2 million homes damaged or destroyed, and infrastructure, including roads, health clinics and schools. More than 7.9 million people have become internally displaced persons (IDPs), of whom nearly 600,000 have been living in relief camps and millions living in thousands of other makeshift temporary sites.

Through this analysis, key protection risks are identified to inform humanitarian response planning led by the Government of the Pakistan (GoP), prioritize protection interventions, identify areas of intervention for strengthening mainstreaming efforts and guide advocacy.

The proritized protection risks are identified as:

  1. Forced displacement
  2. Gender-based violence (GBV) and access to GBV services
  3. Theft, destruction of personal property and loss of civil documentation
  4. Psychological distress
  5. Harmful coping mechanisms for children