Guatemala Protection Analysis Update


Guatemala is located in one of the most violent regions of Latin America and, also, one of the most affected by the pandemic of the COVID-19. The country faces situations of high complexity such as the social and economic inequality, racism and the exclusion of women, endemic poverty, malnutrition, low levels of health and education coverage, high levels of unemployment and high rates of violence and insecurity.

This document aims to provide an analysis of the protection situation in Guatemala. The document identifies the main protection risks in a context of multiple impacts that have an effect on the guarantee and enjoyment of rights. The analysis is done at the national level and highlights the areas with the highest protection risks, including gender-based violence against women, children and adolescents. Emphasis is also placed on protection risks for people on the move.

Of the multiple protection risks, the following stands out as priorities:

  1. Violation of rights of people on the move
  2. Use and recruitment of children and adolescents
  3. Sexual and gender-based violence
  4. Limited offer and access to specialized services