Somalia Protection Analysis Update


A fourth consecutive failed rainy season has pushed parts of Somalia to the brink of famine. Throughout 2022, severe drought, conflict, climatic shocks, and forced evictions have had a cumulative devastating humanitarian impact across the country, and represented major drivers of displacement that have exacerbated an already complex and protracted humanitarian crisis. In response to this critical situation, a national IASC Scale-Up for the famine prevention and drought response has been activated as of August 2022.

In this crisis context, the Somalia Protection Analysis Update (PAU) brings attention to prevalent protection risks currently being faced by Somali communities, namely:

1. Systematic Protection Risks & Violations

2. Child Protection Risks

3. Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence

4. Forced Evictions

5. Impact of Explosive Hazards

The document provides a set of key recommendations from the Protection Cluster and its four Areas of Responsibility (AoRs) on how to address and mitigate the effects of these risks throughout the humanitarian response.