North-West Syria Response: Housing, Land and Property Technical Working Group - Due Diligence Guideline, November 2023 [EN/AR]

This document has been developed by the North-West Syria Housing, Land and Property (HLP) AoR in close coordination and consultation with the North-West Syria Shelter/NFI, CCCM, and Protection clusters.

This tool is intended to complement existing Due Diligence guidance that has previously been developed by the Shelter/NFI and CCCM Clusters and is a living document. As such it heavily draws upon existing Due Diligence guidance to provide a baseline standard level of Due Diligence which should be utilized by all humanitarian actors implementing Shelter/ NFI and CCCM interventions in NW Syria.

This tool does not replace existing sector and intervention-specific due diligence guidance but should be viewed as the starting point and added to depending on individual sector and/or intervention needs. A list of additional sector and intervention-specific resources can be found in Annex H.


This document should be used to guide HLP Due Diligence carried out by humanitarian actors prior to implementing Shelter/NFI and CCCM interventions where the issue of land ownership and rights to use may be affected by the intervention.

Such interventions include but are not limited to:

  • Dignified Shelter
  • Site planning

As such this guide includes baseline Due Diligence guidance and tools which should be used by all actors prior to implementing activities as well links to additional sector and intervention specific tools which may be used to tailor due diligence based on unique sector and intervention specific needs.

Utilizing this toolkit, actors will be able to ensure with relative certainty that their interventions will do no harm to affected persons’ land rights and be sustainable. Given the potential complexities involved in HLP rights in North-West Syria, Shelter/ NFI and CCCM actors may liaison with HLP actors in their areas of intended implementation for further guidance and support. If an organization is unaware of the HLP actors in their areas of implementation they are invited to contact the HLP AoR using the contacts provided at the end of this document to identify HLP actors operating in their intended areas of implementation.

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