Legal Aid Analysis Framework: Access to Legal Aid Services for Ethnic and Religious Minority Groups in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The Legal Aid Analysis Framework (LAAF) is a tool developed by the Global Protection Cluster Task Team on Law and Policy (GPC TTLP) to assist humanitarian actors in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the legal aid landscape within a specific humanitarian context. The LAAF tool allows for the identification and analysis of available quantitative and qualitative data on a legal environment, including the justice system, legal aid needs and existing capacities and responses in a country or territory affected by a crisis. The tool facilitates analysis of the legal aid landscape to achieve evidence-based analytical conclusions, to foster response in coordination with national counterparts.

This report applies the LAAF tool to identify the main legal aid needs and legal concerns of ethnic and religious
minority community members in the KR-I. The report explores the challenges they face in relation to access to
justice, provision of legal aid, gaps in the existing Federal Iraqi and KR-I legal framework, as well as the
implementation and enforcement mechanisms in place for existing laws.