Protection Report | Community Consultations on Durable Solutions - Mozambique - Cabo Delgado – Mueda District (June 2023)


Mueda District is a location hosting IDPs, of transit for various movements and sporadic attacks (although fewer than neighboring districts). The district is geographically distant from Pemba, close to the only “formal” border crossing into and from Tanzania, and has a large military presence. Mueda has also been an important transit and hosting district of Mozambicans who have been refouled from Tanzania, with UNHCR having recorded almost 12,000 up until last year. Mueda neighbors Nangade District, where out of 51 villages, only six remain untouched by attacks by NSAG, according to Cabo Ligado. Therefore, the district hosts populations that have been displaced multiple times and present a variety of protection needs. According to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Monitoring, there has been an eight per cent reduction in internally displaced persons in the district between November 2022 and May 2023 from 98k to almost 90k respectively. Originally, the population comes from Muidumbe, Mocimboa Da Praia and Nangade Districts. However, some of the sites in the District of Mueda have also seen population increase from October to December 2022 due to attacks in Nangade (source: UNHCR-CCCM Flash Updates). Armed actors present in Mueda include the FADM (Mozambique Defense Armed Forces), SAMIM (South African Development Community Mission in Mozambique), PRM (Mozambique Police) and Força Local (Mueda being the stronghold in Cabo Delgado for the latter). This report presents results of a coordinated community consultations on intentions and durable solutions with IDPs to understand coping strategies as well as preferred solutions for IDPs on return, relocation or on reintegration in the current location. In total, 10 FGDs with 58 IDPs, interviewed 16 key informants and collected individual intentions from 1,013 HHs. The exercise also sheds light on existing capacities of IDPs to materialize their preferred solution.