PC SSD Monthly Update - April 2023

On 15 April 2023, fighting erupted in Khartoum and other regions of Sudan. Thousands of people fled their homes, seeking refuge and protection in neighboring countries. Since April 16, South Sudan has received thousands of new arrivals (mostly South Sudanese returnees) through several entry points along the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Over 90% of those are passing through the Joda border point in Renk County, Upper Nile State, with an influx of close to 35,000 newly arrived people by the end of the month. UNHCR and IOM are working closely with the authorities and partners responding to the situation, including the registration of the new arrival at the various data points. The data can be found on Population movement dashboard. The Protection Cluster works closely with the inter-agency response team on the ground to provide support.


The conflict in Jonglei state that erupted in December 2022 and escalated in early 2023 has displaced an estimated 20,000 people to Malakal town, Canal/Pigi, Baliet, and Ulang counties due insecurity and reports of abductions. The conflict mainly transpired in the Northern Jonglei counties of Akobo, Nyirol, and Uror, where civilians fleeing the areas are visibly traumatized due to unconfirmed reports of deaths, injuries, extortion, looting, heavy damage to public and private infrastructure, and conflict-related sexual violence. GBV incidents and family separations have been widespread, and the number of unaccompanied or separated children on the rise. During April, the Protection Cluster coordination mechanisms in Upper Nile and Jonglei published a report focusing on a spontaneous site of Gokjak in Piji/Canal County, hosting almost 17,000 displaced people and in need of life-saving assistance.