GPC Guidance Note: Responding to Protection Risks during the COVID-19 Pandemic A Protection Cluster Operational Footprint

COVID-19 is affecting communities worldwide, including in countries already impacted by armed conflict or disaster. Field Protection Clusters (FPCs) strive to continue delivering protection programs and services through alternative modalities, and address protection risks and rights violations that may affect the effectiveness of health response; protection issues triggered or exacerbated by COVID-19 and related measures; protection issues preceding the outbreak that persist and cannot be forgotten.

This “Operational Footprint” on COVID-19:

  • Identifies a minimum package of critical activities to be implemented feasibly in all protection cluster operations

  • Aims to increase predictability and clarity for key stakeholders what can be expected from FPCs

  • Intends to foster shared learning and best practices across operations

  • Provides a framework of key protection actions for the country chapters of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP), the revisions of country Humanitarian Response Plans and of National Peace and Development Plans

This Operational Footprint is complemented by a series of technical guidance developed by the Global Protection Cluster (GPC).