PC Upper Nile SSD Malakal Protection Situation - March 2023

The conflict in Jonglei state, that erupted in December 2022 and escalated in early 2023, has displaced an estimated 20,000 people to Malakal town, Canal/Pigi, Baliet, and Ulang counties. The conflict mainly transpired in Northern Jonglei counties of Akobo, Nyirol, and Uror and among the displaced the majority are women, children, persons living with disabilities and other vulnerable people. Civilians fleeing the areas are visibly traumatized with unconfirmed reports of deaths, injuries, extortion, looting and heavy damage of public and private infrastructures, and conflicted-related sexual violence. GBV incidents and family separations have been widespread and the number of unaccompanied or separated children is increasing daily.