Coordination platforms

When activated, a Protection Cluster should establish appropriate coordination forums to engage and mobilize operational partners in line with the Principles of Partnership in support of the effective coordination of service delivery and fulfilment of other cluster core functions. These forums would typically include regular cluster meetings for information sharing, analysis, strategic and technical consultations and decision-making with operational partners, and a Strategic Advisory group (SAG) composed of Cluster and AoR coordinators and a core group of partners for strategic decisions and steering response coordination. Where needed, Cluster can also establish technical working groups (TWG) to address specific issues of relevance in their operations, leveraging capacity and expertise among their partners. Terms of Reference (ToR) should be adopted to outline leadership and membership, roles and responsibilities and ways of working. Depending on the context, in addition to regular meetings, AoRs may elect to establish dedicated platforms for any or all of the above. In either case, coordination forums should ensure a joined-up approach together with AoRs as well as ensure effective participation by partners. Ideally, coordination platforms should be aided by an annual calendar and work plan outlining key cluster events, milestones, processes and product deliverables for the upcoming year, for predictable coordination work and engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Set up appropriate coordination platforms for the Cluster and AoRs, including regular Cluster meetings, SAG and where needed technical working groups (TWG)

Ensure appropriate participation of national/local actors in coordination structure

​​​​​​Adopt Terms of Reference (ToR) and disseminate with operational partners

​​​​​​​Develop an Cluster annual calendar and work plan