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Field Operation


Cameroon continues to be affected by three complex humanitarian crises: the Lake Chad basin conflict, the North-West and South-West crisis, and the Central African Republic refugee crisis. People living in crisis-affected regions faced numerous humanitarian challenges. In the Far North region, continued attacks by non-State armed groups and the escalation of intercommunal clashes in Logone Birni led to further displacement. Violence is compounded by chronic climate challenges, such as droughts, affecting livelihoods. In the North-West and South-West regions, civilians and basic services, education, and healthcare are repeatedly targeted. Lockdowns and insecurity continued to hinder humanitarian assistance in some hard-to-reach areas


Protection Issues

Civilians are targeted by parties to the crisis, resulting in physical violence, killings, extortion and destruction of property and overall restricted freedom of movement. Abduction of adults and children mainly to forcibly join the NSAGs is of grave concern. The volatile security environment has caused massive displacement, family separations, and affected access to basic services, including civil documentation services. Intercommunal conflicts around the use of limited natural resources are likely to increase, including the conflict between farmers and breeders.

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Cluster Operation

The Protection Cluster in Cameroon was activated in XXX to ensure the coordination of protection interventions in emergencies and to respond to the protection needs of persons affected by conflict and disasters. It is composed of the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Area of Responsibility (AoR), the Child Protection (CP) Area of Responsibility (AoR), and the Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Area of Responsibility (AoR). The Protection Cluster is led by the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and co-coordinated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

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Protection Cluster Team

Gorretty Akinyi Omala

Protection Cluster Coordinator

Alix Derne

Associate Protection Officer

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