Field Operations

GPC acts at both the Global Level and Field Level, in the latter case providing advice and support to clusters in the field.

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GPC Overview

Established in 2005 as part of the humanitarian reform, the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) is the main inter-agency forum at the global level for standard and policy setting as well as collabo-ration and overall coordination of activities supporting the protection response in complex and natural disaster humanitarian emergencies.


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Areas of Responsibility

In light of their specific expertise, certain agencies have agreed to serve as Focal Point Agencies for certain Areas of Responsibility (AORs) within the GPC: Child Protection (UNICEF), Gender-Based Violence (UNFPA/UNICEF), Land, Housing and Property (UN-Habitat), Mine Action (UNMAS).


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Emergencies in Focus

Each year millions of people are affected by conflict, violence, human rights violations or natural disasters. The GPC provides operational support to field protection clusters which work to ensure the protection of internally displaced persons and affected populations in complex and natural disaster humanitarian emergencies.


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