Analysis of Forcibly Displaced Persons in Far North Cameroon - February 2024


As of January 2024, there remain over 450,000 IDPs in the Far North, the majority living under strenuous and challenging humanitarian situation.  Nevertheless, after ten (10) years of displacement, some progress has been made to find durable solutions for some 450,000 IDPs in the Far North, particularly in opening a dialogue on possibilities for all three solutions and engagement across actors not seen before, including Government, humanitarian and academia.

A series of assessments have been conducted by the Protection Cluster based on the 8 Inter-Agency Steering Committee (IASC) criteria to measure durable solutions in the departments of Logone Chari (Tilde), Mayo Sava (Kolofata), and Mayo Tsanaga (Zamai). Focus groups discussions was conducted with over 200 IDPs, diverse in age, gender and abilities. Woman, men, elderly, children, persons with disabilities, and community leaders were consulted on their intention to return to their areas of origin or seek other solutions, as well as their current displacement situation.