Democratic Republic of Congo Protection Analysis Update


South Kivu is at the center of multiple, overlapping and recurring crises, marked by inter- and intra-community conflicts. The intensification of clashes with the M23 crisis in North Kivu has exacerbated the protection situation in South Kivu, causing massive population displacements towards Kalehe territory, and reconfiguring alliances between armed groups and their remobilization. In December 2023, the United Nations Security Council renewed MONUSCO's mandate until December 31, 2024, while establishing its gradual, responsible and sustainable withdrawal, starting with its withdrawal from South Kivu by the end of April 2024 (for MONUSCO Force bases). MONUSCO's withdrawal will have an impact on the protection of civilians, including affected populations, if adequate measures are not taken in advance of the withdrawal. The number of acts of violence and deliberate attacks against civilians has increased in recent months, and is likely to worsen with MONUSCO's imminent departure.

The protection risks requiring immediate attention during the period covered by this analysis are as follows:

1.            Attacks on civilians and other violations of physical integrity rights

2.            Gender-based violence

3.            Recruitment and association of children in armed groups

4.            Forced displacement and restriction to freedom of movement

5.            Mental and psychosocial distress caused by acts of violence