Other Relevant Instruments

Total number of other relevant instruments (343)

Internal displacement is a transversal issue that relates to many different policy areas such as education, health, or disaster management, amongst others. Therefore, the selection of other relevant instruments gathers a non-exhaustive list of laws and policies that are related to the guarantee of IDPs’ rights, but that are not providing a general framework and/or specifically addressing internal displacement. For the purpose of this database, it was decided to gather non-exhaustively in this category documents that refer explicitly to one of the following terms: IDP, displace-ment/d, returnees, resettlement and relocation and their equivalents in the relevant languages.

Breakdown by regions

Africa (86) Americas (94) Asia (57) Europe (69) Middle East (25) Oceania (11)
Algeria Anguila Afghanistan (13) Armenia (2) Iraq (5) Fiji (2)
Angola Bahamas Bangladesh (7) Azerbaijan (6) Lebanon (20) Marshall Islands
Burkina Faso Canada Cambodia Bosnia and Herzegovina (22) Nauru
Burundi (4) Colombia (62) China (2) Croatia (2) Palau
Central African Republic (2) Costa Rica India (2) Georgia (12) Papua New Guinea (2)
Chad El Salvador (3) Indonesia (3) Macedonia (3) Samoa
Côte d’Ivoire Guatemala (3) Kyrgyzstan Montenegro (6) Solomon Islands
Democratic Republic of the Confo (3) Honduras Lao People’s Democratic Republic Russian Federation (2) Tonga
Djibouti (2) Mexico (9) Myanmar Serbia (9) Vanuatu
Eritrea Peru (9) Nepal (12) Turkey (2)
Ethiopia (4) Saint Lucia Pakistan Ukraine (3)
Gambia United States of America (3) Philippines
Guinea Bissau (2) Sri Lanka (7)
Kenya (10) Tajikistan (2)
Liberia (4) Timor Leste
Malawi Vietnam (2)
Mali (2)
Namibia (3)
Nigeria (4)
Republic of the Congo
Rwanda (2)
Sao Tome e Principe
Sierra Leone (4)
Somalia (6)
South Sudan (3)
Sudan (6)
Uganda (6)
Zambia (4)


In Azerbaijan, for example, the “Presidential decree on implementation of the Law on Social Protection of Forcibly Displaced Persons and Persons Equated to Them” (1999) regulates the implementation of the law by assigning specific tasks to different entities of the state, but does not provide a general framework; this is the reason why it is not categorised in this database as a law but as an other relevant instrument;

Similarly, the “National Disaster Management Policy” adopted by the government of Liberia in 2012 includes the minimisation of the “risks and vulnerability hazards” in the programmes for displaced persons as a priority activity. However, since it does not provide a general framework on internal displacement and his main focus is on national disaster, it is not considered as a policy but also as an other relevant document;

On the other hand, the “Disaster Risk Management Act” adopted by the Parliament of Jamaica in 2015, is not included at all in the database because there is no explicit reference to internal displacement or related terms.

Moreover, since the importance of resolving internal displacement is increasingly associated with peace processes, several peace agreements containing explicit references to internal displacement or related terms have been gathered in the database under the category of other relevant instruments.

For example, the “General Peace Agreement for Mozambique” signed in 1992, which contains an entire section on the “Return of Mozambican refugees and displaced persons and their social reintegration”, is included in the database under the category of other relevant instrument.

The other relevant instruments are necessary for an effective response to displacement since they guarantee the effective implementation of governments’ responses as well as they ensure the acknowledgement and consideration of the IDPs’ rights in related policy areas.

Countries with other relevant instruments