Central African Republic GP20 Concept Note

Thematic Priorities IDP Engagement / Law and Policy
Timeframe 2018-2019
Stakeholders Ministries – UN agencies – Cluster

Problem statement

Although the Government of the Central African Republic (CAR) ratified the Kampala Convention in 2010, it has yet to complete its development of a national IDP law. Together with the Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of IDPs, UNHCR stepped up its support to the CAR Government on its IDP law in 2014, including with the establishment of a technical working group co-led by the government and the national protection cluster. Progress on the law has nevertheless waned, prompting UNHCR to reinvigorate its advocacy in 2017.


Building on the momentum and visibility generated by the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles and in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the Kampala Convention, UNHCR in CAR will seek to advance work on the development of a national IDP law through a multi-stakeholder approach. Immediate attention will be placed on engaging IDPs, and ensuring that their ideas are reflected in the national law while increasing their awareness of the Guiding Principles and the Kampala Convention, and the benefits of a national law. Advocacy efforts will be intensified with the Government and the National Assembly for the purpose of completing the draft law and moving it towards adoption.


  • Advocacy with the Government (including ministries, national assembly, and parliamentarians) on the Guiding Principles, Kampala Convention and the benefits of a national law through bi-lateral meetings as well as seminars co-organized with the Ministry of Humanitarian Action.
  • Consultations and awareness raising, co-organized with the Ministry of Humanitarian Action, with affected communities (IDPs, returnees, host communities and civil society) on the Guiding Principles, Kampala Convention and the political process necessary to develop a national law. Locations will include Kaga-Bandoro, Bambari, Bria, Bouar and Bangui.
  • Support finalization of the draft law and its submission to the national assembly by: collecting and sharing examples of laws from other countries as well as the experiences in their implementation; assisting the pen holder in soliciting and integrating comments on the draft law; hiring a national legal expert to integrate comments on the law and prepare a final draft; organizing a multi-stakeholder seminar for validation of the draft law; advocacy with the national assembly.
  • Support publication and dissemination of the law, including through printing and events aimed at raising awareness on the law.
  • Support the process for the adoption of the decree.

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